CIO Forum

At ICIS 2021, the CIO Forum will connect senior-level IT executives and practitioners with academics seeking to increase the impact of their research.

The world is undergoing profound change with recent technological and digital transformations dramatically shaping the way humans interact with each other, and with businesses.  Understanding the opportunities, challenges, and risks inherent in leveraging emerging technologies is more essential now than ever before.  With significant support from the Society for Information Management (SIM), the 2021 CIO Forum will bring together SIM members and other IT leaders with ICIS academic attendees to discuss critical technology issues facing companies, as well as the future of work during and after the pandemic.  There is also a session planned in which select papers will be presented for lightning-round discussions on actionable insights.

All ICIS attendees are encouraged to attend the CIO Forum on Monday, December 13.  The program is tentatively planned for 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to include a networking lunch with tables set aside for networking between CIO Forum participants.  More details coming soon!