Important Health & Safety Information

U.S. Attendees Only:
To help expedite the check-in process, and to collect your credentials, please present your green Health Pass.

This is required for all in-person ICIS attendees.

If you haven’t uploaded your vaccination proof, please follow the instructions below.

• Download the CLEAR app for free.
• Tap the Health Pass tile.
• Complete your Health Pass checklist.
• Enter the following ICIS code: EFATTENDEE45
• Present your green Health Pass to print your name badge.

Please visit the ICIS 2021 Health and Safety page for more information on steps AIS is taking to keep our attendees safe and healthy.

Building Sustainability and Resilience with IS: A Call for Action

The challenges of modern organizations have changed dramatically over the course of the COVID pandemic. Our academy of IS academics has also pivoted substantially since our last in-person ICIS conference in Munich. Our discipline and our association now face grand challenges, but we do this together and collectively. ICIS 2021 aims to bring together our community both in-person and online in a meaningful way to enable a sharing of our best research, ideas on the most important challenges, and a fight for the future of our planet.

The conference will includes Panels, a redeveloped CIO Symposium, Professional Development Workshops, and a Paper-a-thon, in addition to 22 tracks covering all areas of IS research. For more information, visit the ICIS 2021 Call for Papers link.

Thank you to our ICIS 2021 Sponsors!

Academic Gold Sponsor - University of Virginia

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Academic Silver Sponsor - University of Maryland

Academic Silver Sponsor - Temple University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Arizona State

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Baylor University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Brigham Young University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Boston University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - University of Dayton

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Florida International University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - University of Georgia

Academic Bronze Sponsor - HEC Paris

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Academic Bronze Sponsor - Indiana University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Iowa State University

Academic Bronze Sponsor - Kennesaw State University

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Academic Bronze Sponsor - Purdue University

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Lanyard Sponsor - University of Oklahoma

CIO Forum Sponsor - LERO

CIO Forum Sponsor - MISQE

CIO Forum Sponsor - MIT

Conference Sponsor - Carnegie Mellon

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Focus on Society: The AIS Ephraim McLean Membership Scholarship Program

Beginning in 2019, and named after one of the founders of AIS,…

A Message from the Conference Co-Chairs

The ICIS 2021 Conference Committee is still committed to…